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All over the world, the search is on for sources of alternative energy. Coal & petroleum are being depleted very rapidly. Today’s mantra is “Wind Power”. Wind power is the conversion of wind energy into a useful form of energy, such as electricity, using wind turbines.

Power generation from wind has emerged as one of the most successful programmes in the renewable energy sector, and has started making meaningful contributions to the overall power requirements of some States.

Wind power installations worldwide have crossed 8500 MW producing about 14 billion KWh of energy annually. A total capacity of about 5500 MW has been installed in Europe, 1700 MW in USA, and 992 MW in India.

India is now the fourth largest wind power generator in the world after Germany, USA and Denmark.

Today, the capital cost of wind power projects range Rs. 6.5 crores per MW on turnkey basis. Foreseeing this future, our M.D, has installed increased number of turbines the spinning of which will make us energy independent.

The vision of our M.D. will see him soon stepping onto solar power sector as well.

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